Hi, iā€™m Brielle

I plan and produce events across Maryland, Virginia, DC areas and beyond.

I love helping couples enjoy meaningful and enjoyable celebrations of their love.

I'm all about a combination of organization and happy, laid-back vibes. 

I bring this attitude to my event planning and coordination.

I want to be on-the-ball so that my clients don't have to worry about what's next, or if the schedule is moving along.

I want to be calm when issues arise, so that everyone can enjoy themselves. 

And most of all, I want to be happy, because, HEY, someone is getting married! 

When I'm not working on weddings, I love to spend time with my husband, Josh, my rescue pup Zumi, or my friends. 

I love a good book, cooking, spin class, and having friends over for wine and cheese.

Want to talk more? 


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