Full Planning

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With Full Planning, the pressure is OFF. 
We keep the ball rolling, as your day approaches. 

Who it's For

This package is ideal for clients who want to share ownership of the wedding planning process.

This package works for many different involvement styles.

Some clients like to be involved in lots of decisions - attending meetings with all the vendors, and taking an active role in asking questions and making decisions.

Other clients prefer a more curated experience - making higher level decisions, or decisions related to certain fun details they enjoy.

As we get going, and during the planning process, we will be communicating about your preferences and goals.

Full vs. Partial Planning

The biggest difference between Full & Partial Planning is with Full Planning, I'm the one working on most of the Wedding Tasks between meetings.

In Partial Planning, you're responsible for more tasks like contacting vendors, collecting proposals, etc.


Just like my couples involvement levels, I like to work around what communication methods work best for you. 

Some clients love electronic portals, and enjoy syncing up with me on our AislePlanner dashboard. Some clients prefer to focus on our together during in-person meetings. I've worked with clients who prefer bi-weekly phone calls, and clients who avoid email. 

We will work on creating, and always re-assessing a communication plan that works for you, your lifestyle, and our shared planning goals. 


Custom Full Planning Packages start at $3,995
We'd love to chat further about our package and pricing. 

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